Indolent Books is a small independent press founded in 2015 and operating in Brooklyn, N.Y. We publish print books and sometimes run online poetry features on the Indolent Books website or on project-based websites such as the HIV Here & Now project.Our poetic values include diversity, inclusion, innovation, provocation, and risk.
Ends on January 20, 2017
From November 9 until January 20, the Indolent Books website will publish a poem-a-day intervention in the unprecedented presidential transition we embark up today. We do not want poems that trash-talk anybody—even if that is what is in your heart. We want poems about what we are seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling, believing, hoping and fearing in the aftermath of this stunning election. Any poets who are celebrating can submit poems, too; but again, no trash-talking. Let's use poetry to engage in a rich and layered conversation about the polarization of this nation and the opportunities, such as they are, for bringing the nation and its people together, for moving forward, for making a difference.

Submit up to 10 poems or 10 pages of poetry.

Indolent Books values inclusion, diversity, innovation, provocation, and risk. All submissions are welcome, but the ones we include in the poem-a-day intervention will tend to be the ones that speak in the boldest voices. For examples of what we like, take a look at what's currently going up on the HIV Here & Now poem-a-day lead-up to World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, 2016, which you can find here.